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Click IT has been Actively Monitoring & Protecting Hundreds of Computers Everyday Since 2012!

Click IT Secure is an affordable and practical I-T security solution that fully protects internal networks and data from online attacks like ransom-ware and other cyber criminal activities. After seeing first hand too many instances of cyber attacks walk into our computer repair shop in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Click IT developed this complete solution for its customers which follows a best practices strategy and a hybrid services model that makes enterprise-level protection now easily affordable to small-businesses. Now many of our customers have signed up for this complete protection package, called Click IT Secure, and you should too.

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A Complete & Proactive Solution to Data Vulnerability


Click IT's four-port firewall is used when multiple, segregated networks such as a private and a public wifi network is required.

Recently, a ransomware virus called "WannaCry" shut down thousands of businesses across 150 countries and infected hundreds of thousands of computer networks, and it will happen again soon according to the experts.

In recognizing this challenge, Click IT developed a comprehensive solution to data-vulnerability and is now offering it at an affordable and reasonable price to small businesses and concerned individuals. We have installed our complete Click IT Secure solution in Florida successfully and now can offer it to anyone nationwide.

The solution is a complete package which includes a 1) hardware firewall, 2) managed anti-virus, 3) on-line backup and 4) active monitoring by our techs in Chagrin Falls. With Click IT Secure, a small business is completely shielded and protected, and not threatened by the possibility of being shut down entirely from ransomware, cyber criminals, and crime-ware. Our protection suite takes care of it all in the background, proactively monitoring and protecting your network and your data from our facility. Click IT Secure locks down your network and eliminates data vulnerability. It comprehensively and proactively protect a small business network at an affordable price.

Affordable and Sensible Pricing: Click IT, a Cleveland Ohio based I-T company, has been monitoring and protecting hundreds of computers across Northeast Ohio and beyond since 2012. With this proactive and comprehensive solution it is by far the best protection for the money, designed for small business and offered at an affordable and sensible price.

Even if you already have a "tech guy" watching over your network, you're going to want to consider this new approach to data security. See how much you can save with our assured data protection suite.

This is the best data protection money can buy and we're offering it for a special discounted price through our introduction period. Call today or schedule an appointment so we can start providing you with superior data protection before it's too late, and especially at our best prices we will ever be able to offer.

*Free installation is offered to those only within our service area, which is a 5-mile radius around Chagrin Falls, and is offered for a limited time only.

The criminals don't care how large you are. Small or large are equally "targeted". How you typically get infected is through a deceptive method that's essentially undetectable, and if you or someone inside your network for instance clicks on something unknowingly, then there is no anti-virus program out there that can stop the inevitable. You need FULL protection, which is what a complete Click IT Secure system, with a physical firewall, gives you.

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In fact, according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), 60% of small businesses which have a data breach are out of business within 6 month. This is a scary statistic!

To see the slides from the recent presentation made by a security expert, click here.

Data Breach Stats according to NFIB

What You Get with Your Installation of Click IT Secure

  • A Hardware Firewall with the #1 Choice of IT Professionals in up-to-the-latest Software
  • Monitoring 24/7/365 Under Supervision from our Team in Chagrin Falls
  • Patches Installed Daily to Windows Operating Systems with All Updates
  • Technicians On-Call, able to Log In and Address Any Concern
  • VPN, Proxies and Cloaking Available for Tighter Security*
  • Siloed Backup Schema with Daily Incremental Data Collections Shielded and Segregated
  • Peace-of-Mind in Knowing You Have a Tech Team Proactively Protecting You

Personal 2-Port Firewall by Click IT


30 Day No Risk Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our services, you can request a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

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Our Technical Team

At Our Chagrin Falls Shop


Click IT in Chagrin Falls is comprised of a small group of highly capable and trained I-T technicians and network administrators. Despite our certificates and other technical qualifications, we are really just a bunch of friendly, honest, hardworking and trustworthy people who want to please our customers and assist them with their technological issues and goals. The shop is open to stop in from 9 to 5, where you can freely ask us for help in leveraging technology to make your life more enjoyable and efficient, make it way cooler, or just make your life a little easier.

Each individual has their own unique blend of knowledge and skills. For large projects, we typically hire individuals using cloud-based tools which allows us to monitor and manage highly technical projects remotely.

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Click IT Secure Protection Package Includes...

  • Actively Managed Hardware Firewall

    Today, every computer network should have a physical firewall in place which is actively managed. Click IT Secure offers a low-cost firewall we use to protect Internet-connected computers from intruders. Our solution is especially utilized well when those  connections are “always-on”, such as through a DSL or cable modem. A physical firewall is essential. It is the wall which surrounds the castle. The software we use at Click IT for our firewalls today is the #1 choice of IT professionals around the world.

  • Siloed Off-Site Backup

    You need a backup solution that’s more than just “siloed”, where each day’s collection of data is shielded and segregated, it needs to be strategic. (See article). Click IT Secure offers backup solutions which are not only reasonably priced but also based on our years of direct experience and exposure to bad things which have unfortunately happened to our customers. Our backup solutions included in Click IT Secure are proactive and managed, in multiple places, in multiple ways.

  • Anti-Virus, Active Monitoring & Cloaking

    Most everyone nowadays knows they need to have an anti-virus installed on all their devices, but did you know you also should have active monitoring and updates from professionals like us here at Click IT, with a method to cloak your devices for total security? An actively monitoring and management system with anti-virus installed on every computer is the second line of defense in our Click IT Secure package. These are the knights in armor inside the castle.

Testimonials About Click IT

  • Very knowledgeable and helpful. Later, I searched for that exact computer and found that the price he got for me was the very best.
    M Heydorn
  • I am lucky to have such a great resource a 5-minute walk from my house. I unequivocally recommend Click IT.
    Alex Hamerstone
  • Fast & Professional, WE APPRECIATE THAT!! Thanks for getting us back up and operational so quickly!! We can't take care of our customers if we can't access the information locked in our computers.
    Bob Ritchie
  • This is the best program for computer safety...has saved us from numerous Internet attacks. Great guys to work with and their services are very reasonable. We have used services from them for several years. They have been able to "resurrect" several of our computers.
    Lloyd K.
  • We couldn’t do I-T without Click IT! Thank you for your great work.
    Theresa Manley Graphco
  • Click IT Secure Includes On-Call Technical Support

    Click IT is comprised of a small group of technicians waiting to answer your questions or concerns, here in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We can help with any technical issue. As a subscriber to Click IT Secure, we can be made available to you and your organization 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Ask for our full-coverage plan when ordering.‡

‡ All orders are independent and subject to Click IT Terms and Conditions as published by legal. If you order LifeLock through Click IT Secure, at an extra cost, Stolen Funds Reimbursement is provided by LifeLock which manages and publishes this information and disclaimers. Benefits for State of New York are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by State National Insurance Company. Benefits for all other members are provided under a Master Insurance Policy underwritten by United Specialty Insurance Company. Under the Stolen Funds Reimbursement, LifeLock will reimburse stolen funds up to $25,000 for Standard membership, up to $100,000 for Advantage membership and up to $1 Million for Ultimate Plus Membership. Please see the policy terms, conditions and exclusions at

  • Optional Bonus Is Your Identity Protection

    Click IT has partnered with LifeLock to enable the inclusion, as an option,  of their identity theft protection at an extra cost. LifeLock knows where to look and how to help fix identity theft. LifeLock helps protect identities with proprietary technology to detect and alert our customers to identity threats. If a customer ever has an identity theft problem while a LifeLock member, their U.S.-based team of specialists will work to resolve it. Click IT works with LifeLock to find and help fix identity theft problems, including Social Security number misuse and investment account fraud.†

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For larger networks, we can start simply by first assessing the current state of your data security.  This will enable us to provide a proper continuity plan with the proper backup and disaster recovery for your network to ensure its survival when attacked. This assessment is provided free of charge. To schedule an appointment, click here or call (440) 247-4998.

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