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Why Click IT?

At Click IT, providing "best-in-class", reasonably-priced, value-added services to better protect and manage our customers' data, domains and emails is our mission. We work hard to deliver enterprise-level technical services at small-town prices. We do this by allowing our customers to fall under our enterprise umbrella. Typically, MSPs working with larger companies than typical who Click IT customers are, provide a level-of-service regarding domain protection and email deliver-ability that would not be affordable to small businesses. This is primarily because a configuration centralizes around a particularly large company's domain. It typically cost in the thousands of dollars to set up and maintain. To keep costs low, yet with benefits that are comparable, Click IT has devised a schema which takes the most important elements needed and wraps them up under our Click IT domain and umbrella, to offer the best-practices available.

Please Let Us Know Who You Are

We have proprietary technology that allows us to provide a quick and convenient way to get a cost estimate for a complete Click IT Secure solution. Before using it, however, we request that you fill out the form below and submit it, so we know who you are, if you experienced any issues, and can follow up.